The Power of Pricing Your Home Competitively 

  • Too low: it could be perceived that something is wrong with the home
  • Too high: will reduce the amount of interest (i.e., showings, offers, etc.) and will likely lead to having to "chase down the market"

Pricing your home competitively in the first place will:

  • Generate the most activity from Realtors and buyers
  • Sell your home faster for maximum value

Preparing Your Home for The Market

  • Tips and tricks on preparing your home for sale
  • Our list of perferred vendors will help you with everything from carpet cleaning to working with the best Real Estate lawyer
  • Staging, professional photography and HD video tour, cleaning

How the Price of Your Home is Determined

What the buyers is willing to pay, based on:

  • Current homes on the market and up-to-date recent sales
  • Today's market, competition, financing (rates, regulations, etc.), economic conditions
  • Their perceptions of the state of the property
  • How desirable they find the location

Home Evaluation

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