Theresa Gibson


Resides in: Oshawa


Theresa is very well connected in Durham Region, as she lived in Oshawa since she was a little girl. She is a loving, devoted, dedicated mother and wife. The same passion Theresa has towards her family emulates in each one of her client relationships. She wants the very best for everyone and their happiness is extremely important to her. Theresa’s professional background with IBM has instilled what it means to provide client satisfaction. It's not about taking an 'order', it's about nurturing it from start to finish. Theresa achieves this by educating her clients on the buying/selling process and on the market through constant communication. It's important to Theresa that her clients make informed decisions, so they're confident about their choices - communication even when there is nothing to say is imperative. Theresa's greatest joy is the repeat/referral business she has received, as it’s evident past clients are thoroughly satisfied working with her.

Favourite thing about living in Durham Region?

That I feel like I'm an area expert!  😜

When I'm not in the office you can find me...

You can find me @ the ball diamond or hockey rink depending on the season.

Favourite childhood memory?

Spending time @ my besties houseboat

According to me the best place to eat in Durham Region is...

Omg...pretty sure I wouldn't turn down food from anywhere!  😜

Favourite movie, book, TV show...

Anything that makes me laugh... I don't watch much tv or read... #notime


Bailey our lil Shiz Tzu.. omg... my heart explodes thinking of how cute she is! I literally want to smooch her lips off her face. She has countless nicknames....all which she responds to; bean, beanie, bnut, bnut butter, boon, boonz, boonza and the latest, biscuit...

Favourite season?

Summer summer summer... coz I don't glow for starters #casper and I LOVE the heat, sunshine, blue skies and peoples moods!

What I love about my job is...

Referral/repeat business... it truly brings no greater joy or bigger compliment to myself

I'm most grateful for... 

My family and the family I inherited... and that we all have good health #healthisourwealth

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