Sales Representative

Ashleigh is a fun, loving mother of two very crazy active boys and a wife to a very crazy and active husband (they are all red heads so that explains a lot!) When she is not at work Ashleigh loves spending time with her family and friends, and truly believes it is important to have a great work/life balance. In the summer she loves going to the cottage and trailer where she can relax and get some fishing in!  Ashleigh's nickname on the team is Silver Lining because she always sees the good in every situation! Oh and she absolutely loves her job!

Favourite thing about living in Durham Region?

Durham is the perfect location for my lifestyle... Toronto is only 40 minutes away, our cottage and trailer are only an hour away and the airport is about 50 minutes away.

When I'm not in the office you can find me...

Hanging with my family at the cottage or trailer in the summer, having a date with my hubby or out with my girlfriends.

Favourite childhood memory?

Camping with my family

According to me the best place to eat in Durham Region is...

Mexico Lindo

Favourite movie, book, TV show...

Movie: Little Miss Sunshine, Juno & Thelma and Louise

Book: Twilight Series, The Hunger Games Trilogy & DaVinci Code

TV Show: Survivor, Billions and House of Cards


Olde English Bulldog: Marshall

Favourite season?

SUMMER because I hate the cold!!

What I love about my job is...

The people that I work with

I'm most grateful for...

My family

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